Saimo Auger Sampling System for Train

Product Description

Saimo's Auger Type Sampling Systems are designed for extraction of a representative sample from stationary railcars. Benefiting from its good applicability to multi-load and small-lot coal loading, the auger sampling system can be integrated with a railway scale to complete a weighing and sampling line.

The auger type sampling system is engineered and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D 4916 Standard Practice for Mechanical Auger Sampling. This practice describes procedures for the collection of an increment, partial sample, or gross sample of material using mechanical augers. Reduction and division of the material by mechanical equipment at the auger is also covered. These guidelines combine with Saimo's experience and expertise in developing mechanical sampling systems, ensures true representative sampling and reliable customized solutions.

Saimo auger sampling systems are available in different styles such as door type, crane type, arm-suspended type, etc.

During operation, a hydraulically operated auger descends and rotates to accommodate the truck load and procure a vertical increment. A portion of coal sample is fed into the collecting hopper for sample preparation. And the other portion returns to the truck through a chute on the auger sampler. The auger is fabricated with special hard alloy, suitable for sampling of frozen coal seam rock and capable of crushing large coal blocks, ensuring that a reliable and representative sample is obtained.

Technical Specifications
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