• Saimo S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machines Saimo S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machines

    Saimo's Model S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machine is specially designed to obtain a representative bulk sample directly from material on a conveyor belt. It is comprised of a sweep type sampling head or cutter, a drive device, position detector...

  • Saimo S76 Sampling Unit Saimo S76 Sampling Unit

    Saimo's Model S76 Sampling Unit consists of a primary sampler and a crushing & dividing unit. The sample collectors and control equipment are integrated into a unique enclosure which is pre-wired, enabling reduced installation and commissio...

  • Saimo S72 reciprocating Sampler Saimo S72 reciprocating Sampler

    Saimo's S72 Reciprocating Sampling System is commonly installed at the end stream of the conveyor. The cutter traverses the stream for extraction of an increment at a preset time interval. The opening of the sampling head shall be sized at ...

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