• SCW-C Combo Checkweigher & Metal Detector SCW-C Combo Checkweigher & Metal Detector

    SCW-C Combo Checkweighers can be integrated with a metal detector providing considerable savings in cost and production line space....

  • SCW-B Series Checkweigher SCW-B Series Checkweigher

    SCW Series Checkweighers provide an ideal solution for automatic checkweighing of packaged goods across many different industries. A large range of models is available to suit all types of wrapped products, bags, boxes, trays and cont...

  • SCW-A Series Checkweigher SCW-A Series Checkweigher

    The general purpose SCW Series Checkweighers represent a fast and accurate in-line weight checking solution for various sizes and shapes of packages of up to 50kg.. A Saimo Checkweigher is the perfect tool to help you reduce product giveaw...

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