Saimo S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machines

Product Description

Saimo's Model S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machine is specially designed to obtain a representative bulk sample directly from material on a conveyor belt. It is comprised of a sweep type sampling head or cutter, a drive device, position detector and includes a dustproof steel housing. The stainless steel fabricated sampling head or cutter is equipped with a counter weight thus ensuring accurate and reliable performance. Driven by a geared motor, the rotary cutter head rotates a complete cycle allowing a full section of material on the moving belt to be obtained. The sample is then fed into the sampling unit via a chute for downstream crushing and division.

  • Compact design is suited for low headroom installations.
  • Directly mounts to belt conveyors. No transfer point is required, allowing convenient installation at low cost.
  • Rectangular structural sections are utilized thereby ensuring adequate rigidity.
  • Direct drive design ensures positive stopping whether the belt is empty or loaded.
  • Skirting seals on sampler prevent material spillage.
  • Non-contacting proximity switches for start-stop control.
  • Replaceable soft steel brushes and guide plates on all sides assure full section of material is sampled on the belt without damaging the belt.
  • Counterweighted sample cutter eliminates high eccentric loading.
Technical Specifications
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