Saimo S72 reciprocating Sampler

Product Description

Saimo's S72 Reciprocating Sampling System is commonly installed at the end stream of the conveyor. The cutter traverses the stream for extraction of an increment at a preset time interval. The opening of the sampling head shall be sized at least 2.5 or 3 times the top size of the material to be sampled. The cutter travels at a speed of not greater than 0.456m/s. Through a belt feeder, the collected increment is delivered to a sampling tower where crushing and division can be accomplished. The remaining material returns to the product stream at the end.

The reciprocating sampling system is often applied in coal and iron ore stock. In these applications, not only the chemical analysis equipment is employed including two or three-stage samplers and primary crushers, but also a particle size analytical system can be included which is capable of sieving and weighing automatically. Furthermore, in ore sampling system, a moisture sampler can be added.

Technical Specifications
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