Saimo Series N63 Belt Scale System

Product Description

The Saimo Series N63 Belt Scale System has an accuracy level of ±0.25%. It is specifically designed for plant and process operations to monitor production, regulate product loadout and to monitor product stock. It also provides critical information to assist in management of plant processes.

The Saimo Series N63 Belt Scale System combines the N63 Trunnion-type Weighbridge, the N60 Belt Speed Sensor and the 6101 Integrator. The load cells positioned on the weighbridge sense the belt load and transmit the analog weight value into the 6101 Integrator. The speed signal of the belt conveyor is also sent to the 6101 Integrator by the N60 speed sensor. Finally the totalization and instantaneous flow rate can be integrated after processing both the signals received by the 6101 Integrateor.

N63 Weighbridge

There are three or two or one idler installed in the N63 weighbridge, with two load cells mounted in tension with reliable stability and minimal misalignment will be no loss of precision. Frictionless, trunnion-type sealed pivots are fully sealed to vibration, moisture and material accumulations, so there will no problems due to the knife-edge and bearing fitting when used in harsh environment.

Steel tubing construction minimized dust buildups on the weighbridge allowing less self-weight without compromising the frame riditity. High precision strain gauge load cells are installed in tension to support the weighbridge, ensuring minimal non-linear error.

The N63 Weighbridge can be installed directly onto belt conveyors with belt widths between 400mm and 2,200mm. It is placed between the upper and lower belt and needs very little vertical space. It is factory pre-assembled to facilitate fast and easy field installation and calibration.

  • Designed without moving or easy-worn parts to allow minimal requirement on maintenance.
  • Side force and horizontal component force resistant design reduces belt misalignment problems.
  • Robust tube steel construction ensures reliable calibration with minimal material buildup and zero drift.
  • Mechanical distortion for the whole system < 0.1mm.

Plant and process operations to monitor production, regulate product loadout and to monitor produ

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ±0.25%
Belt widths: 400mm to 2,200mm

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