SAIMO Coal Feeder for Fluidized Bed Boiler, Model: F57

Product Description

Saimo F57 coal feeder is specially designed for feeding fuel or absorbent into all kinds of fluidized bed boilers applied in various industries such as power generation, chemical industry and metallurgy. The benefit of efficient use of coal is achieved from its precision feeding process involving in-motion weighing, totallization and flow rate control.

Saimo coal feeder accommodates a wide range of applications with capacity rated up to 300t/h, belt width from 500mm to 1400mm, and belt length within 38m. Extended belt length available is subject to factory approval.

  • Rugged pressure-resistant housing, tightly sealed to prevent air and coal dust leaks, capable of withstanding 0.35Mpa explosion pressure.
  • Flat idler construction, and endless corrugated belt made of fireproof rubber with up to 40mm skirt-edge height.
  • Powerful drive pulley lagged in rubber herringbone pattern, preventing belt misalignment.
  • Crowned driven pulley eliminating belt misalignment.
  • Pulleys supported by pillow block bearings with provision for field re-lubrication outside the casing.
  • Steel-surface cylindrical idler, 89mm in diameter, allowing increased accuracy by reducing idler roller run-out.
  • An automatic belt deviation correcting device equipped for self-correction of belt misalignment.
  • Gravity type scraper utilized for exterior belt cleaner and V-shaped rubber scraper for interior cleaner.
  • A chain scraper conveyor mounted at the bottom of the coal feeder, removing flying dust.
  • Access door installed on either side of the coal feeder, and inspection port for easy maintenance.
  • Several lamps mounted on the feeder body, with bulb easily replaced without interrupting the process.
  • Screw take-up device fixed outside the housing for belt running in tension, reducing belt slippage and misalignment.
  • Seal air joint equipped on the housing.
  • All components designed for easy maintenance and adjustment.
  • Optional connection styles for drives: direct coupling, chain driven, or shaft mount.
  • Manual or automatic inlet gate valve control selectable.
  • Manual, pneumatic or electric discharge gate valve control selectable.
  • Customized inlet meeting specific requirement.
Technical Specifications
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