SAIMO Batching Control System

Product Description

Saimo Batching Control Systems usually consists of a weigh belt feeder(s), an electric control system, and a PC management system. With the use of a visual man-machine interface, all operational functions can be done at your fingertip, such as data collection. control, alarm, graphics and data display, etc. The batching control and various data management functions in the production process are accomplished according to a preset basis.

  • Operation Modes£ºAutomatic, Semi-automatic / Manual
  • Data Collection and Control Functions
  • Data and Historical Recording (batch log and other related data such as totalization, flowrate, level)
  • Friendly Graphic Menu
  • Alarm Control and Management
  • The Historical Trend Graph
Technical Specifications
  • P    02 9644 1012
  • F    02 9644 6155
  • E
  • A    Unit 4, Block C£¬391 Park Road
  •        Regents Park, NSW 2143