SAIMO Weigh Feeder Controller

Product Description

The Saimo model 6105 is the premium weigh feeder controller. This controller is based on 32-bit microprocessor electronics with a 320X240 LCD display.

  • Digital electronics
        Provides accurate and drift-free performance
  • Auto Zero
        Automatically initiates a new zero through one easy push button operation.
  • Auto Span
        Offers several span calibration modes, such as static weights, test chain, electronic calibration and
        material calibration.
  • Auto Zero Tracking
        Auto-zero function activates whenever the conveyor belt runs empty for a preset time.
  • Programmable Features
        Digital inputs and outputs can be programmed to fit individual requirements.
  • Filtering Selection
        Filtering time can be adjusted for specific applications.
  • Zero Dead Band
        Minor flowrate variations can be reduced by setting a zero dead band.
  • Speed Input Selection
        Two kinds of speed input methods are available: internal (simulated) and external
  • Password Protection
        Provides data security during operator access.
  • Self-diagnostics
        Fast and accurate self-diagnostics can be done for multi-channel loadcells
  • Enclosure
        Field Mount
        Outline dimensions: 296mm x 399mm x 132mm
        Mounting hole dimensions: 280mm x 247mm
        Panel mount:
        Outline dimensions: 299mm x 154mm x 203mm
        Opening dimensions: 142mm x 287mm
  • Temperature
        Operating: -10-50íŠ
        Storage: -40-70íŠ
  • Power Requirements
        110-120 - 220-240VAC, 50Hz
  • Digital Inputs/Outputs
        Three (3) programmable digital inputs allow the controller to accept switching value inputs and/or
         instructions from various equipments.
        Four (4) programmable digital outputs (relay,voltage free contacts) allow the integrator to provide
         various data indication and/or activate ancillary equipments.
  • Speed Input
        Single (1) speed pulse input from speed sensor.
  • Analog Inputs/Outputs
        Input: Millivolt weight signals from toad cell(s)
        Outputs: One (1) standard current output 0-20mA or 4-20mA for flowrate signal
  • Control
        PID regulated control output
  • Communications
        RS232 or RS485 communication interface, PROFIBUS field bus (For additional inputs/outputs gapctose or
         other communication interfaces please contact Saimo)
Technical Specifications
  • P    02 9644 1012
  • F    02 9644 6155
  • E
  • A    Unit 4, Block CúČ391 Park Road
  •        Regents Park, NSW 2143