SLW - E Series Linear Weighers

Saimo SLW-E Series Linear Weigher  provides reliable and economical  weighing solutions for low speed  manual packing and medium speed  automatic operation, suitable for  a broad range of granular and  powder packaging applications.

All models are solidly constructed with stainless steel feeding pans,  weighing hopper and support frame.  Saimo’s SM6000 series electronics  controller is easy to operate and delivers accurate and reliable  weighing performance.


  • Nuts, Seeds, beans, dried fruit, cereals
  • Coffee beans, confectionery, biscuits
  • Potato chips, snacks, chocolates, pasta
  • Ground coffee, ingredients, tea
  • Grains, pet food, plastic components



BENEFITS C The SAiMO Advantage

  • Easy operation via simple, powerful  and user friendly interface
  • Cost effective weighing solution
  • Easy to clean design allows fast product changeover
  • Very low maintenance requirement


  • Two vibrating feeders (front & rear) for  maximum flexibility and performance
  • Fast, Medium and Slow vibration settings for best accuracy
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Versatile and modular mechanical design
  • Large capacity product memory



Model SLW-E1 SLW-E2
No. of Lanes 1 2
Weight Range 20g - 2000g (subject to product bulk density) 20g - 2000g (subject to product bulk density)
Weighing Accuracy As low as +/-2 g As low as +/-2 g
Maximum Speed Up to 10 cpm (depends on application) Up to 20 cpm (depends on application)
Product Memory 100 100
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