SCW-A Series Checkweigher

SCW Series Checkweighers provide an ideal solution for automatic  checkweighing of packaged goods  across many different industries.    A large range of models is available to suit all types of wrapped products, bags, boxes, trays and  containers. Some unwrapped products can also be checkweighed.

The mechanical design includes variable speed motors and quick release conveyors to help improve flexibility  in packing lines.   The “A” models feature a large Panel PC  with powerful software to improve  productivity, reduce product giveaway,  fulfill strict QA requirements and  provide data logging capability 




BENEFITS C The SAiMO Advantage

  • The Saimo Advantages
  • Compact design
  • Custom design available
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Powerful software features
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Factory network ready
  • Siemens or AB PLC - SCADA support 


  • Large colour touch screen user interface
  • Large product memory
  • Unlimited password protection levels 
  • Full statistical package included
  • Automatic production data logging
  • USB and Ethernet Ports included 
  • Various types of reject systems available


Model SCW-10A SCW-50A SCW-500A
Weighing Ranse 5g - 1000g 50g - 5000g 0.50kg - 50kg
Product rate Up to 200 ppm Up to 120 ppm Up to 60 ppm
Product length Up to 250 mm Up to 400 mm Up to 800 mm
Product Width Up to 200 mm Up to 300 mm Up to 400 mm
Optimum accuracy +/-0.2g +/-1.0g +/-5g
Belt Speed 10-95 mt/min 10-95 mt/min 10-60 mt/min
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