SPP Series Premade Bag Packer

SAiMO's automatic premade bag packer provides an ideal solution for bagging various types of premade bags such as pillow, side gusset,   block bottom, zip lock, and others.  Load a magazine with empty bags, enter the number of bags required and the packer will do the rest.

It will automatically pickup, open,  hold, fill, seal and discharge the finished bag onto a take-off conveyor.  SAiMO's integral weighing & packing system is the answer to affordability of a fully automatic and complete packing line with reasonable product throughput and maximum flexibility


  • Nuts, Seeds, beans, dried fruit, cereals
  • Coffee beans, confectionery, biscuits
  • Potato chips, snacks, chocolates, pasta
  • Ground coffee, ingredients, tea
  • Grains, pet food, plastic components



BENEFITS C The SAiMO Advantage

  • The Saimo Advantages
  • Affordable automatic bagging solution
  • Suits various premade bag styles
  • Compact mechanical design
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance requirement


  • Touch screen user interface
  • Large product memory
  • PLC based electronics control
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Batch operating mode
  • Password protected program setup


Packing speed Up to 10 bpm. (depengs on application)
Bag width range 100 mm - 250 mm
Bag height range 120 mm - 350 mm (dpends on application)
Dimensions 1.7m (L) X 0.8 m (W) X 1.7m (H)
Total weight 350 kg
Power requirement 1 phase 240VAC/50Hz/8A
Air supply Compressed air 8m3/hr@5bar
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