belt damaged detector

PL50 Belt Damage Detector

PL50 Damaged Belt Detector warns supervisory personnel of impending belt failures due to rips, punctures, splice failures, or sharp objects protruding through the belt fabric.

Belt Damage Detectors mount in pairs positioned on either side of the belt. The units are connected by two spans of aircraft cable. One end of the cable mounts permanently to a support bracket and the other connects to a spring-loaded ball located in the unit. The cables loop underneath the belt from each side crossing at the midpoint. A belt problem is detected when an object or a piece of damaged belt hangs below the belt's surface and sweeps away one or both cables. As the cable is detached, it pulls a spring-loaded ball out of a socket, causing two micro switches to sound an alarm or to shut down the conveyor.

  • Simple and reliable construction requiring no maintenance
  • Universal casing design, easy for installation
  • Cast metal enclosure features an anti-corrosive finish
  • Integral cover for easy access for wiring terminals and adjustable settings
  • Large capacity switch contacts
  • Belt conveyor
Technical Specifications
  • Output: 2 SPDT
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Force: 2kg
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Outline dimensions: 250(L)mmX265(W)mmX281(H)mm
  • P    02 9525 3704
  • F    02 9525 3704
  • E
  • A    UNIT 12,16-22WILLOCK AVENUE
  •        MIRANDA, NSW 2228