motion monitor

PL70 Motion Monitors

The PL70 Motion Monitor is a microprocessor controlled speed monitoring device, sensing not only underspeed status but also overspeed and zero speed. The PL70 is comprised of four parts: controller, sensor, target, cam and mounting bracket. A standard NPN or other proximity type sensor compatible with the PL70 can be utilized; these sensors emit a serial of pulses representing speed. The PL70 Controller has two DPDT contact alarm outputs and an optional 4~20mA output so that programmed output functions can be made to monitor the equipment conditions.

  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Standard NPN sensor, PNP optional
  • Includes cable and sensor bracket
  • Includes target cam and mounting bracket
  • Single-channel alarm output function
  • Programmable for underspeed, overspeed and zero speed alarm
  • 4-20mA current output
Technical Specifications
  • Voltage : 85 - 250VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Working Temperature:
        Electronics: -40~ +85
        Sensor: -25~+70
  • Output:
        a. 2DPDT 230VAC/5A relay outputs, non-inductive load, NC/NO selectable
        b. 0-2 VDC corresponding to 0-199% of reference speed (standard)
        c. 4-20 mA output option, 800 ohms Max. load, corresponding to 0-100% or 0-199% of reference speed,
           selectable from program
  • Sensor Input:NPNPNP or NAMUR (3KHz Max.) Note: Frequency Hz= Pulses / revolution X RPM/60
  • Output(+12VDC) :Sensor power supply: + 12VDC150mA
  • Enclosure: Protected to IP65
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