run off switch

PL10-2D Run Off Switches

The PL10-2D Run Off Switch detects conveyor belt misalignment; two microswitches can trigger an alarm or conveyor shutdown to protect the conveyor belt from damage when belt drift occurs.

When the belt runs off center, the roller arm will be deflected from its normal vertical position and at a preset angle activates the first microswitch which can output to an alarm. When the belt further displaces the roller arm by a preset angle, the second microswitch will be trigged to shut down the conveyor before damage can occur to the belt or plant.

The PL10-2D run off switch is usually installed in pairs at both sides of the belt and positioned at a distance between 0.3m and 2m from the head pulley or tail pulley. Typically, it can be fastened at the top or bottom of the conveyor stringers with the actuating arm located 25mm to 75mm away from the outside edge of the belt.

  • Universal mounting
  • Robust cast aluminum casing
  • Integral cover for easy access to wiring terminals and adjustments.
  • Easily removable back casing without the requirement of moving the actuating arm.
  • Actuating arm bearing rated speed of 5000rpm, suitable for belt speed up to 6.35m/s.
  • Normal angle adjustable within ±22.5 degrees.
  • Actuating arm capable of acting in two directions, suitable for installation on both conveyor sides.
Applications Options
  • Conventional belt conveyors
  • Shuttle conveyors
  • Ship loading/unloading systems
  • Stockpile/reclaim systems
  • Cranes, shovels and drag-lines
  • Apron feeders or conveyors
  • Heavy duty switches
  • Mounting bracket for large conveyor installations
  • Proximity switches trigger
  • Nickel plated or stainless steel actuating arm for special installations
  • Address encoder
  • Auxiliary flag drop alarm
  • Visible alarm
Technical Specifications
  • Switch Contact Ratings: 2SPDT, 10A/500V
  • Normal Angle for Contacts: ±10°, ±20°
  • Enclosure Protection Class: IP65
  • Force: 3~4kg
  • Weight: 4.3kg
  • Outline Dimensions: 190(L)mmX178(W)mmX167(H)mm


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