safety pull switch

PL20 Safety Pull Switches

The Safety Pull Switch is mounted on or alongside the conveyor stringer, with one end of the pull wire fastened to a fixed post and the other end fixed on to the actuator arm. The pull wire is supported by standoff eyebolts every 3m. The distance between the switch and fixed post should not exceed 24m. The spacing between two switches should be no more than 48m.

When the actuator arm displaces (rotates) to the alarm position by force acting on the pull-wire, the microswitch is activated and interlocked until reset manually. The standard switch is protected to IP65, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Where the optional nickel plated housing is specified, it can be used in acid, alkaline or salty environments. The nickel plated surface is well suited for highly corrosive application.

  • Universal design with bidirectional trigger arm.
  • Rugged cast aluminum casing
  • Compact Dimensions
  • Integral cover for easy access to wiring terminals and adjustment settings.
  • High visibility color scheme, easy to distinguish between alarm and normal status
Applications Options
  • Conventional belt conveyor
  • Reciprocating conveyor
  • Apron feeders & conveyors
  • Bucket elevators
  • Packaging Line
  • Stockpile/reclaim systems cranes, shovels and drag-lines
  • Ship loading/unloading systems
  • Horizontal feed systems
  • Mounting bracket, used for large capacity conveyor
  • Internal proximity switch in place of microswitch
  • Nickel plated or stainless steel actuating arm for special applications
  • Address encoder shovels and Auxiliary flag
  • Drop alarm
  • Visible alarm
  • A full selection of mounting accessories, including cable, cable clamp, retainer, bulb.
Technical Specifications
  • Switch Contact Ratings: SPDT£¬10A/500V
  • Normal Angle for Actions: 20°
  • Enclosure Protection Class: IP65
  • Outline Dimensions: 190(L)mmX178(W)mmX167(H)mm
  • Force: 5~7kg
  • Max. Spacing Between Switches: 48m (horizontal), 36m (inclined). Supporting eye bolt. located every 3m
  • Weight: 3.8kg
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