Saimo Tilt Switch and Controller

Tilt Switch Probe - Model SL20

When material rises to tilt the probe 15°or more from its vertical position, the internal steel ball rolls off center and its normally closed contacts will open. As material falls away from the probe body and the probe becomes upright, the ball returns to its original centered position, once again causing switch actuation with the contact closed. The change in the internal switch status is user accessible for signaling alarms or lights with the aim of safety protection.
tilt switch probe
  • The SL20-30 tilt switch probe can be either used separately or incorporated with controller.
  • The controller is equipped with a 0~10s adjustable delay circuit, preventing the tilt switch from false tripping due to a short duration tilt.
  • Normal/alarm positions are set by jumper setting, by selecting the vertical or inclined position as its normal status.
  • Robust and features anti-corrosion construction
    Easy installation
  • PCB-fitted controller
  • All probes are equipped with mounting accessories.
  • Plugged chute and chute transition detection
  • Conveyor belt misalignment detection
  • Tripper discharge detection
  • No material detection of belt or vibrating feeder
Technical Specifications
  • Contact: Normally closed, non-mercury switch, 250mA/24 VDC, non-inductive load or 2amp 110/240 VAC rated switch
    0.8A at 240VAC/1.5A at 120VAC (optional)
  • Rated Temp.: -40 ~ 200
  • Enclosure: Cast Iron, nickel-chrome alloy plated; also available in Stainless Steel
  • Tilt angle: 15°

Tilt SWitch Controller - Model SL50

Saimo tilt switch controller is offered in two versions: SL28 for metal construction and SL29 for plastic construction. Both are protected to IP65, with large indicating lights located on the front panel.

A 0-10 second adjustable time delay circuit in the control unit prevents momentary tilting of the switch from causing a false or premature contact transfer.

A selectable jumper permits normal output condition for either vertical or tilted position of probe.

Two normally-open and two normally-closed output contacts are available for connection to external alarms and/or controls.
tilt switch controller
Technical Specifications
  • Power supply:110 or 220 VAC ± 10%47 62 Hz10W
  • Output:1 DPDT contact, rated at 5Amp/220VAC or 5 Amp/28VDC, non-inductive load
  • Delay time:0-10 seconds adjustable
  • Jumper:Allow to select vertical or inclined position as the normal status
  • Enclosure:ABS outdoor casing
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