PL60 Under Speed Switches

The PL60 Under Speed Switch provides low-cost, reliable and a simple means of monitoring the rotational velocity of a shaft or other rotating equipment. When the belt speed or rotating speed slows down within the preset range, the PL60 switch outputs a signal for either alarm or shut down. This switch is housed in a weatherproof, hermetically sealed anti-corrosive enclosure, designed for exposure to harsh environments.


  • Non-contacting, proximity-type detector provides extended service life and lower operating costs.
  • Two-bolt mounting assures simple installation.
  • Single piece construction with no separate control unit.
  • Easy to set-up and/or troubleshoot
  • No moving and easily-worn parts and longer trouble-free life
  • Alarm/Delay: 10-second delay while rotating equipment reaches operating speed
  • Alarm to normal delay assures notification when speed drops below adjustable set-point
  • Analog output selectable
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