Saimo offers comprehensive training courses in the operation and maintenance of our equipment. There are factory and classroom-based programs available to ensure safe and efficient operation to suit your needs.

Operation Courses

Saimo offers Operator Training Courses to all of our customers helping them to achieve the optimum performance out of your Saimo equipment. A well trained operator can greatly reduce reject and waste levels while achieving consistent product quality at the highest possible packing rate.

Maintenance Courses

Saimo offers maintenance courses that enable customer staff to perform thorough machine maintenance and troubleshooting. A complete understanding of your Saimo equipment functionalities allows you to be operationally efficient and significantly reduce equipment downtime.

All our training programs emphasize practical maintenance skills, with a great percentage of the training time dedicated to actual machine use.

Personnel that attend our courses receive a "Saimo Certified Operator" or "Saimo Certified Engineer" certificate on completion of each course.

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